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Dr. Joseph Papalia
Your Setauket Chiropractor

"I went to several doctors complaining of pain in my back, neck and arm. Doctors told me they had to operate to get me out of the pain. A friend told me to see Dr. Papalia. I went and spoke to him and he told me to give him a chance and I did. With therapy, I'm totally out of pain and without surgery"

Carol L.
Selden, NY

"I just wanted to thank you for helping my 5 year old son. For a couple of years he would wake up every morning with a headache/migraine and also suffered from motion sickness so bad, I had a sand pail in the car with me at all times. After seeing many specialists and going through many tests including blood work and MRI's regarding the headaches I brought him to see you. At the first consult with him you found his C2 vertebrae out of alignment. You made him feel very comfortable (as well as myself) and were very gentle with him, explaining what you were going to do before you did it. After this first adjustment, he woke up the following morning without a headache. After a few weeks of adjustments, he has not had a single headache or any bouts of motion sickness in months. I can't thank you enough for helping him. I have already given your name to a few people and will continue to do so. I wish you all the best."

Holli C.
Hauppauge, NY

"Thank you for caring. Over the past few months you have treated injuries caused as a result of a motor vechicle accident as well as a fall at work. Through your patient care, compassion, education and treatment, you truly define excellence in your field. Your chiropractic care goes beyond just injury treatment. It has helped eliminate asthmatic conditions and I no linger need medication which caused harmful side effects. You have taken the time to explain in detail how and why things happen in our bodies and how chiropractic care treats more then aches and pains. The "Talks" you deliver to your patients go above and beyond what other medical professionals would provide. You have made my chiropractic experience life changing and I an forever grateful."

Joan C.
Ronkonkoma, NY

"I have had a lower back problem for six years. I have a bulging disc, some arthritis and some spinal stenosis. Over these years, I have tried physical therapy, accupuncture, epidural shots and NSAID's. My problem made it very difficult for me to sit in a variety of situations. Initially the pain affected my ability to work, to sit in a movie, ride a train, drive and travel on planes. For the last two years, I have been treated by Dr. Papalia. I am glad to say that the amount of pain has significantly decreased and I am able to engage in more of the activities that had been limited. I highly recommend chiropractis care especially with Dr. Papalia.

Paula L.
Coram, NY

I have had neck pain for years. I went to Dr Papalia after going to a medical doctor, physical therapist and pain managment. Dr Papalia explained how important the curve in my neck was and how having a straight curve was causing my headaches and neck pain. He was very informative in explaining how he was going to correct my curvature. After receiving treatment for a few days, he explained how my asthma can also be helped with Chiropractic care. I was so surprised that after a few weeks of getting adjusted, my asthma was not bothering me like it usually does and my neck was feeling better also. He later showed me my old neck curvature and compared it to the new x-ray that showed my neck curve back to normal. I am greatfull that Chiropractic care has helped me live a healtheir life and now I dont have to take any medication for my pain. I continue to see Dr Papalia for wellness adjustments so that I can maintain my health naturally.

Angela P.
Selden, NY

"I started to see Dr.Papalia in October 2011 because I was having pain in my lower back and sharp pain down my right leg. I've been to my primary care physician and suggested that I see a Chiropractor. Dr. Papala was highly recommended to me by my daughter's co-worker who also sees him.

I was in excruciating pain, to the point where I could barely walk. I was also having a hard time sleeping because of the pain. My PC gave me an anti-inflammatory medication which did nothing. When I explained my condition to Dr. Papalia, his words were "we'll fix you up - we'll take care of you".

After my first appointment with Dr. Papalia, I was in more pain then when I walked in, but the next day, I felt much better. The pain in my right leg disappeared, all from just one session. Dr. Papalia is a wonderful doctor - he listens to your questions, he answers you in terms you could understand rather then "doctor's terms". He has a great personality and wonderful bedside manner.

Two months later, I can walk my dog without any pain, go up and downstairs with no problems, I was even able to shop until I dropped with my daughter on Black Friday this year. Dr. Papalia worked his magic...and I would recommend him to anyone who has any type of similar pain. He even helped me with my neck, which I didn't even mention to him - but from working on my back, he got rid of the neck pain.

Dr. Papalia ROCKS!!"

Kathleen Rulli
Holbrook, NY

"After weeks of suffering with pain and weakness in my arms and neck went t my regular GP, who then sent me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. He gave me cortisone shots that worked for about three weeks. When that didn't help me he sent me off to physical therapy. The Physical Therapist noticed my neck bone was bulging and sent me on my way to a Neurologist, who told me I had a bulging disk and gave me pills for the pain. You were my last hope.

At my wits end, still in pain, and on my husband's insistence I went to Dr. Papalia. Dr. P. took the time to listen to exactly what I was saying and knew and explained why the problem was happening and what the treatment would be and how it would work.

The treatment plan was simple, just show up and he would do the rest. After a few weeks I can honestly say I am pain free. I would have not believed it myself if it didn't happen to me.

I am truly amazed at how well I feel. I would highly recommend his services. Dr. Papalia is a professional in every sense of the word. He also has a great bed side manner and makes you feel very comfortable".

Miller Place

"I had a car accident in July 2007, which left me with severe internal muscular pains. For couple of weeks I thought I will be fine but with the pain got so bad that I could not do daily routine work and end up tired and helpless. My wife suggested for me to go to a Chiropractor, As I have never been to a Chiropractor before at first I was nervous but I came to see Dr. Papalia. My first visit left me without pain. After each visit I would feel like a new person. After couple of weeks my pain started disappearing and today I am back to my normal healthy life.

I would like to thank Dr. PAPALIA and would strongly recommend anyone to him, as he is the best at what he does and the results are amazing".

Centereach, NY

"I have scoliosis. This is a curvature of the spine. My curve is about 45 degrees. Many years ago I went to the New York Hospital for Special Surgeries and was advised by 2 Orthopedic surgeons that if I did not have the steel rods implanted in my spine, I would end up in a wheelchair by the age of 40.

A friend clued me into Chiropractic Care. She said a chiropractor could not straighten my spine, but definitely prevent the curvature from progressing to the point that I would not be in a wheelchair.

Well this has certainly proved to be true. Not only has my curvature improved slightly but the back aches are less frequent. I can move freely, bend, dance, garden, drive and work a full time job. Without my regular adjustments, who knows where I would be at this point in my life.

I would encourage anyone to please give chiropractic care a try. Dr. Papalia is a fine dedicated, honest chiropractor who will definitely help you. You will be pleasantly surprised at gaining more than you thought with regular adjustments.

Thank you Dr. Joe!!"

Centereach, NY

"Dr. Joe has always been very helpful to me. When my lower back goes out he always does just the right adjustment and within a few visits I am out of pain. He diagnosed my high blood pressure before an MD did. I have an old neck injury that brings on a migraine, and he helps to alleviate that pain. He is pleasant and has a great bedside manner".

Sharon J. Robbins

"You have a drive to help people. After months of doctors and physical therapy for two bulging discs in my lower back I had lost hope of recovery. I was entertaining the idea of surgery. My Orthopedic doctor never educated me about the possibility of Chiropractic treatment. You were recommended to me and I decided to call you. You diagnosed me correctly and reassured me you could help me. Only after a few visits I noticed a great relief from my pain. After four months I am pain free and able to live a normal life. Dr. Papalia, you were an answer to prayer for me. Your professional abilities have given me hope for a new tomorrow. I can live pain free and pursue a healthier lifestyle. You have amazing enthusiasm that reaches beyond the normal physician. You get joy and excitement out of helping your patients reach their personal goals. You are determined to help individuals achieve wellness and live pain free.

I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family.

Thank you so much for our concern and care,"

Christine Rauch

"I have been suffering with chronic headaches for quite some time now. They seem to have gotten worse when I started a Yoga program. After every class, I would have to go home, take 2 Advil and lie down to relieve the pressure. I went to see my doctor and had some tests done. My doctor advised he could not find anything wrong, but still the headaches persisted.

My husband, Russell, a patient of Dr. Papalia asked me to join him on his next visit. He is being treated for multiple discs and has had great success with his treatment. After Dr. Papalia asked me a lot of questions, he concluded that a bone spur in the back of my neck which I received from a car accident was being aggravated by a neck rolling exercise I was doing in my Yoga class. He did some traction on my neck, told me to stop these particular exercises, and within 3 days, my headaches were gone. Who would believe it could be this simple!

I will be forever thankful to Dr. Papalia for helping me find the source of my pain and treating it without medication.

Health & happiness,"


"About one year ago I was in crucial pain, I had sciatica. I called Dr Papalia crying for help, his secretary said he was full for the day. But when I told her I was coming from Queens and she heard me crying. She said he will treat you on his lunch break. Oh my God I walked out of there like a new man. I was highly recommended and I would highly recommend him.

Joseph B.

My wife had back problems, Dr. Papalia identified her back issues and with a regiment of visits corrected her condition. The doctor has also educated me with vitamins that would benefit my health. He is a very knowledgeable, professional doctor who has a friendly, humorous demeanor making it easy to talk to him. I highly recommend Dr. Papalia to anyone with back pain.

Laurence. K